Cast Intimacy Probability

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have you seen High School Musical 2? Yesh? Noh?

Well, you know wut, its fine. I was just gonna say that I was browsing Bboy’s archive and saw his post ‘bout Zac and Fox Ryder being look alike.

Fox Ryder/Brent Corrigan is an underage gay porn star (now at his legal age) who stared at a Cobra productions video.


This leads me to yet another brilliant idea of applying what I learned from my statistics class.

Lemme call this the Cast Intimacy Probability.

Cast Intimacy Probability computes for the all the possible pairings in a sitcom, movie or any casting. HINT: You can also apply this to your barkada. Haha.

If you want to compute for the possible gay pairings, use this equation:

CIPgay = n(n-1)/2 + x(x-n)

To compute for the possible straight pairings, use this equation:

CIPstraight = x(n-x)


n = is the total number of cast members

x = is the total number of male (or female) cast members

So I guess this is the part wherein I have to give you some examples right?

So let us put into consideration the main cast of HSM. Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman.

Male = 3

Female = 3

CIP(gay) = n(n-1)/2 + x(x-n)

= 6(6-1)/2 + 3(3-6)

= 6 possible gay combinations. This means that you can make zac-lucas, zac-corbin, lucas-corbin, Vanessa-ashley, Vanessa-monique and Ashley-monique. Gross.

CIP(straight) = x(n-x)

= 3(6-3)

= 9 possible straight combinations. Which I’m not going to enumerate as I know you can already imagine it.

Try it with Grey’s Anatomy, LOST or Prison Break. It’s one hella fun doing Math!


Doubting Thomas said...

OK so i only gave 1 example. yeah right.

dorkzter said...


nosebleed.. hahaha math thing

Doubting Thomas said...

hey... only pacman has the right to nosebleed.

sherma said...

gross! hahaha! saan mo ba nakukuha yan?! =)

daniel-Jr said...

aww. haha., paksyet na math yan. pero cool ha. gross nga lang. :D

Doubting Thomas said...

sherma and dan,

yeah its definitiely cool and gross. haha. but really... it is cool.

this is the fruit of hours of idling in front of my square-headed wife.

at least may bunga noh?

kingdaddyrich said...

naku, masyado na akong loaded sa math.. he he...

basta, gays cum and go.. yun na lang.. ;)

Doubting Thomas said...

daddy, based on experience ba yan? kidding!

beyond essence said...

math, ano ba yun?
yan ang subject na iniiwasan at kinatatakutan ko way back in college. buti na lang ngayon, wala na ko nyan sa 2nd course ko.

karmi said...


abay, Math is everywhere talaga.. pati sa pagkuha ng possible gay combi eh nagagamit... hehehe... ^_^

iba ka talagang magisip kuya rob!!!

Doubting Thomas said...

hahaha. next week science naman!

irish said...

wala ka na talagang magawa anu kung anu anu na kinocompute mo. hahahaha

Virginia said...

yiii i hate math! but i might try that...

ikay the dancer said...

hahaha! lets do the math thingy. :)

GO Engineer!

Neena said...

Great work.