So Malungkot

Friday, July 20, 2007

So nakakalungkot naman talaga kasi isang oras nalang at lalabas na ang Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows sa mga bookstore sa Pilipinas... pero ako nandito parin sa bahay. Komportable sa lamig at hindi nangangalay sa pag-pila. Ngunit mas nanaisin ko pa na pumili na lamigin, sa labas ng mga bookstore, kesa naman nandito ako sa warm, cozy place na aming pamamahay, pero deep inside, I am cold kasi wala akong Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

So malungkot kasi, bumili ako ng Sun Celleular kanina, pero na bubullshit na ako agad sa serbisyo nila. Sana ay minahalan nalang nila ang singil, kaysa naman naghihirap ang aking puso at mga daliri sa pag redial at sa paghiling sa may kapal na sana'y wag mainip ang aking kausap.

So malungkot, kasi... wala na akong maisip sabihin. Kaya marahil ay dito na lamang. Byers! :)

Shet naman talaga oh!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Naiwan ko pitaka ko kanina sa bahay, kaya bumaba ako ng bus nang hindi nagbabayad. Kaya ayun na-late tuloy ako sa interview ko.

Nakakainis talaga. Ayos na ayos pa naman ako tapos bababa lang pala ako sa Kawit para hintayin yung pitaka ko na pinadala ko dun. Bwisit talaga.

Tapos edi eto na interview na, nagpa cute ako sa HR para hindi sya magalit sakin dahil na late ako. Interview... interview... interview... ayos naman. Nang biglang, mageexam daw ako. Isa pa ulet. Tapos pag tapos nun, iinterviewhin ako baka next next week nung head hr tapos yung indiano. ang haba haba haba naman ng proseso!

Tapos nungpaguwi ko bigla akong nahilo. nalipasan yata ako ng gutom... 1pm na kasi natapos yung exam.

I Can't Decide

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Huhu. I phreaking can't decide onto which job shoul'd I get. I have two pending applications (actually I have alot ofpending applications but these two are my top choices), one is a technical representative at Convergys 1 and the other is a technical writer post at EMCI both are located in Makati.

I like the two jobs. I have considered the pros and cos of both, but I still can't decide which application to pursue.

The people at Convergys treated me very well, they have a really nice professional atmosphere, and even the guards speaks English. The agents doesn't look like sooo-highschool-slash-sooo-college acting, like I said they seems to be very professional. The pay is good too. Although it has the perks of a young fresh grad like me had dreamt of, career growth is slim to none.

On the other hand, working as a technical writer, will probably enhance a skill or two of mine (Communication skills not included). I researched a bit regarding TW, and I found out that it is a collaborative work. Interviews and other "collaborative" things will be done by the writer. And for me I like doing that. The only thing is, the working environment doesn't seem to be very friendly. Although I wasn't treated bad, I wasn't treated good neither. The HR even forgot that I haven't finished my other exam, and I had to remind her.

Which one should I get???? Help!

Sign sign sign!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th wasn't that bad at all! I was just caught in the rain while waiting for a bus at Baclaran. Yeah! That's not badluck. Compared to what happened to me a few years back. A small amount of acid was accidentally dropped at my head. Now that's badluck.

Good thing it wasn't raining when I got off the bus. I went to the 3rd floor of the building and waited there for at least 1 hour until my name was called. Rosette is a cutie. hehe. I submitted my recquirements to her and waited 30 mins more for the signing of the training contract.

Mars was the one who explained to us the perks of the training. It turns out that it will be an elimination kind of thing, wherein viewer will vote for the housemate that... ay mali pala. Yeah it will be a pass-fail training. If i passed it I'll start on the Aug-2o; If I failed... then I'll be evicted.

My First Medical Exam

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I had a medical yesterday as part of the pre-employment recquirement at Convergys. Yeah, I'll soon be working as a Technical Rep, not much of a start for a fresh grad, but it's good nonetheless.

Anyways, am not going to rant about my job, since i want to have a nice start.

Going back to the topic... I arrived at Intellicare at around 11:00am. There was alot of people there and at first i thought it'll take me hours to finish the whole course of the medical exam.

Good thing the nurse attended me immediately and was on the first half of the exam with a few minutes.

The medical exam went smooth, I was a bit nervous when it is about time to draw some blood at my arms. I was like "Ooooo k." I tried concentrating so that I won't feel anyting... you know, mind over body. hehe. Thanks to the little boy at my back whos crying so loud i didn't even heard the nurse telling me to open my palms.

The interesting part... Hehehe. Me pulling my pants down, showing my balls and bending over.

Namiss kita... Green Man!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Namiss ko tong blog ko na 'to. Ang dami ko kasing blog eh. Hehe, tapos gusto ko lahat ng blog ko active. Infairness mahirap pala yung ganun, tapos recently nag enroll pa ako sa isang product review site para naman magkaron ako ng extra income, kaso hindi naman marami ang offers dun sa niche na napili ko kaya petiks lang ako. In fairness ha maganda ako gumawa ng review technical man o hindi.