Thomas is the name

Monday, February 5, 2007

No, guys I am not your favorite sarsa nor your along the riles tindero. I am still the Rob you used to know. The straight forward but slightly bent Rob -- no more, no less.

Chino, the guy from New York who's going to send me some Fendi goodness as my graduation present, thinks that my new blog has this malalim and profound effect.

But I say the opposite. I have never thought of myself as malalim or profound person. I am more on the natural side of things. I may sound a little "deep" sometimes, but never "wise deep".

I remembered a time at my Walk Away blog wherein I revealed my whole name as if I am a superstar. Now, Paolo's asking if I have a Thomas in my name. To answer that, yes, my real name is Robby Thomas Madison Ruiz.

But of course, that is just at my dreams.

Why did I started a new blog? Well, not the reason that Jhed thinks. Hindi ako gaya-gaya noh! I planned this even before you considered making a new blog. hehe defensive mode.

Doubting Thomas
is actually an idiom and so are Peeping Tom, Joshing me, Doughboy, Uncle Sam, Mud and Zigger Zigger.

They are not my *other* identities as Arvin and Billycoy suggests.

But still, please do expect some weirdness around.


Jhed said...

Hay nako.

I stand by my ground.


WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding mehn. SA MARCH HA! Ahuhuhuhuhu. Pag iyan di natuloy...

Doubting Thomas said...

@Jhed: tuloy na tuloy yun! wow investment to!!! hehehe.

chino said...

xmpre may sarcasm ako nung sinabi kong malalim nuh.. hahahahahaha..

oi oi!!.. kung ako nga e di makaafford ng fendi e bkt kita papadalhan?.. epal ka!.. hahahaha.. db bibigyan mokong
LV?? hahahahahha

xoxiRiSH_29xox said...

hi kuya robby.....hehehe

Paolo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paolo said...

ako yung nag delete hehehe.

pasaway ka, kala ko may thomas tlga, napaisip 2loy ako sa matchbox 20

uy congrats ggraduate k n pla. =P

Billycoy said...

sana Mang Tomas na lang!!!

so parang alterego na parang hindi na parang ganun na parang ewan itong blog na ito...

hmm... interesting!

manilenya said...

aahhhh magpapatawa ka rin tulad nila :)

Edward said...

Thank for posting. Your style is okay. You provoke me to answer your question and now I am linking with you. Magastos talaga sa Kuryente and chandeliers. Binayaran lang ako sa entry na yon dude. see you around. More power to your blog.