My First Medical Exam

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I had a medical yesterday as part of the pre-employment recquirement at Convergys. Yeah, I'll soon be working as a Technical Rep, not much of a start for a fresh grad, but it's good nonetheless.

Anyways, am not going to rant about my job, since i want to have a nice start.

Going back to the topic... I arrived at Intellicare at around 11:00am. There was alot of people there and at first i thought it'll take me hours to finish the whole course of the medical exam.

Good thing the nurse attended me immediately and was on the first half of the exam with a few minutes.

The medical exam went smooth, I was a bit nervous when it is about time to draw some blood at my arms. I was like "Ooooo k." I tried concentrating so that I won't feel anyting... you know, mind over body. hehe. Thanks to the little boy at my back whos crying so loud i didn't even heard the nurse telling me to open my palms.

The interesting part... Hehehe. Me pulling my pants down, showing my balls and bending over.


Billycoy said...

naku lunes ka naghubo... all week long kang maghuhubo nyan! yikes!

Doubting Thomas said...


rchrd said...

good job. heheh. tama si billy haha

irish said...

eto ang hinihintay kong post hahahahahahaha!!!!!

kuya pakichange naman ung link ko oh...pleeeeaaaaasssseeee

rmacapobre said...

i had the same exact experience. the nurse (a woman) asked me to strip across the room. asked me to turn and expose my butt crack. it humiliating.

Doubting Thomas said...

rmacapobre: hahaha!

Lalon said...

yuck kadire naalala ko yung med exam ko before.. it was soooo HUMILIATING.. grabe i remember nung umalis ako ng clinic.. sobrang kumaripas ako palabas.

haaay.. good thing hindi lang ako ang naka-experience nun.

hmm i've got an idea.. ma-iblog nga experience ko about dun harhar. ^_^