Too Phat!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I’ve been on a dark chocolate ritual since last week. And it's cutting my budget for some other things like – basta yun na yun. Dark chocolates cost like 50 pesos for the Hershey’s ones and I am sure the Belgians are like 100 pesos or above for like a bite size.

Chocolates are my comfort food, next is Champorado and lasty, 7-11’s pandesal combo with Dutchmill yogurt drink! Yummy! Hehe.

But the sad thing is I don’t get fat or meaty (LOL – the term!) even with the amount of calories, fats, carbo, oil, cholesterol, dirt, grease (hehe kidding on the last parts) I eat. I want to enroll myself to a gym but I don’t have time (and a gym buddy). I am desperate!

Conclusion: Eating dark chocolates can make you desperate!


Anonymous said...

Yehey, first! :D

Hmm, ako gawin mong gym buddy. Basta ikaw magfi-finance ng gym expenses ko. Haha.

Doubting Thomas said...


aba aba!

daniel-Jr said...

i love chocolates,, zagu grande, cookies and cream flavor, my comfort zone : )

Paolo said...

buti ka pa mabilis metabolism mo. ako 1 month nang kamote diet para maalis lang ang beer belly =P

[ lexi ] said...

bihira sa guy ang mahilig sa chocolates :)

pero addictive talaga sila.. i love "lindt" and "snickers" the best..

[ lexi ] said...


ito ba meaning ng phat mo? lol

Doubting Thomas said...

@lexi, we're on the same frequency!

Juz said...

gym buddies daw oh...sali ako dyan!

tama ka yom! si rob ang magbayad ng gym expenses and outfits natin! gandang idea un!!

love chocolates. one of my ultimate weakness! hahaha

Doubting Thomas said...

@paolo: invite mo ko sa blog mo.

@Juz: hala!

dorkzter said...

try mo chocolates with some nuts on it. sbi un daw ang nkktaba at nakapimples. hehehe

Doubting Thomas said...

ay naku. pimples nanaman. hehe