Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday, I went to SM to buy a new shoe and to shop some other stuff. If you could see the current status of my old snickers you might think that I'd been using that since grade 6. Haha. Just kidding.

Anyways, while browsing the shelves of Watson, I heard a familiar voice. (hehe) It was Callalily. So the fan me instinctively hurried to the cashier, paid the items and went down the performance hall.
Ang daming tao. Freaking shit.

They're now at the middle part of the Magbalik song. I found a good spot to stand and started looking for someone I know -- para taguan ko.

Here some of the pics my Callalily-fan-self took.
Note: Pics are ultra blurred. haha.

Callalily tagged as
"a young band with big dreams.." was the 5 member group who popularized "Stars" from their album Destination XYZ.

The band members are:

Kean Cipriano - Lead Vocals
Tatsi Jamnague - Rhythm Guitar
Alden Acosta - Lead Guitar
Lemuel "Squash" Belaro - Drums
Aaron Ricafrente - Bass Guitar


Myrrh said...

Kean and his band are my friends way back two moons ago. Haha. Wala lang. =)

Doubting Thomas said...

wowowee! pakilala mo ko! hehe

xoxiRiSH_29xox said...

ako naman nakausap ko na sa personal si kean..hehe..cla kasi guest band nung acquaintance party namin..aun, may piktyur p nga ako nun ksma xa kaso sa kasawiang palad, nawala ang aking telepono..haaaayz

Doubting Thomas said...

@IRISH: nyak... hanggat walang pruweba hindi ako maniniwala. hahahaha!

jae said...

Ultra blurry nga. Pasmado ba kamay mo? ('_,-)v

Doubting Thomas said...

@jae: hindi... nag papanic lang talaga ako! hehe.

xoxiRiSH_29xox said...

meron po akong pic ni kean kaso iba ung kasama nia, ung classmate ko lng. ung pic kasi na kasama ako hindi ko naisend sa email ko..haaaaay....mamatay ka na sa inggit hahaha LOL joke lng po kuya robby!! peace!! happy valentines na lng!!