I stormed Makati and got confused

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I was late at my first ever job exam.

Thanks to the Wednesday traffic at Baclaran and the uberlong queue at MRT ticketing booths. Plus the fact that I am silly and doesn't ask for directions -- I got lost inside PBCom!

Well, not literally lost, but a little confused. I arrived at PBCom tower (refer to the image, center building) at exactly 9:00 am and waited for at least 3 more minutes at the front desk to secure a building pass. After doing so, decided to go straight at the 12th floor. Not knowing that the elevators, have this designated floors to service, I chose the nearest then waited again for about 3 minutes.

When I got inside, I was about to press "12" but can't find it. It happens that the elevator that I rode, services 22nd floor and above.

"Shit!" I told myself, as a surge of panic climbs up from my lower back to my nape. "9:06 na! huhuhu"

So I just get off the elevator at 22nd floor. The guard there asks me where am I going, but I just waved my hand signaling him not to mind me. (haha taray ko!)

I pretended having a phone call (hahaha) just so he doesn't suspect that I am confused. I waited again for like 5 mins. for the elevator (which by the way seems to take forever to service a certain floor) but everytime the elevator door opens its full of passengers.

Huhuhu I am so late!

Finally! I got inside and it went from 22nd floor up to the highest level before it goes to the ground floor! Nakakapanginit ng ulo!

I asked the front desk, where's the elevator that goes to the 12th floor. And even before she could answer I noticed that there are signs saying what floors the elevators services.

Hay buhay... Hintay nanaman.

Thank goodness! 12th floor finally!

Rob: Hi! I am looking for Ms. Krystel Paez. I'm here to take an exam.
Guard: Sorry ser, cut-off time namin ay 9:15. Balik nalang kayo ng bago mag 1pm.
Rob: Ha? galing pa akong Cavite... sige na. may class pa ako mamayang hapon. papasukin mo na ako!
Guard: sorry ser, baka mapagalitan ako eh.
Rob: ...

At this point, I can't decide if I should go back later or just go to school.

I went to Glorietta to look for callcards. I fucking need a callcard so that I could ask my classmate if she could print me a copy of her lab report. If she says 'yes' then I'll be taking the exam, otherwise I'll be heading back to Cavite.

Luckily... she's on a good mood. Pero masyado namang nakakahiya kaya, i told her na ako nalang ang gagawa ng other parts. I asked the concierge for directions (learn from mistakes) for an internet cafe and she pointed me at Creative Lounge.

After typing my report and sending it to her, I decide to have my lunch at where else -- McDonald's.

While munching on fries, eTel phoned me again asking why I didn't showed up... and asked If she could resched me on 1pm exam. I explained to her what had happened (the short version) and told here that I'll be going to be there before 1.


The exam process wasn't that hard. I just read 3 paragraphs, answered about 180 questions on IQ, IT and Networking.

Although I didn't finished answering the questions (except of networking exam) I passed the test with Ms. Jory Jimenez congratulating the 3 of us (yeah we were called in by batch).

I shook hands with Ms. Jimenez and greeted the other 2.

I flew away the PBCom, I flew away Makati. lolx


Cai said...

did you pass the test?...are you going to work with etel?

chino said...

kelan to?.. aba aba.. magiging manila boy na ang tomas!!(promdi berxon)

trabahador kana!!!

Billycoy said...

kapag minalas nga naman... ganyan talaga sa makati, nakakalito, ako nga di ko pa rin kabisado mga streets and buildings dito.

anyway, see you here in makati kung sakali mang alam mo pagmumukha ko.

miselle said...

okay lang yan. ganyan talaga pag ndi super familira sa place. :)

Doubting Thomas said...

@Cai: yep

@Chino: Nung Wednesday lang...

@Billycoi: ipapadescribe ko kina Rens mukha mo hehe.

@Miselle: yeah...

karmi said...

abay.. bagong bahay mo ba to kuya rob?

anyways, kakainis nga ung mga elevators sa PBcom.. minsan na rin akong naligaw dun.. hehehe.. baka blessing in disguise pa ang nangyari sa pagkakare-sked mo.. :)

hope you get the job.. :)

xoxiRiSH_29xox said...

haha kawawa ka naman po kuya robby!! (hala cge karirin ang robby haha) pewo auz lng yan atleast nakapasa ka naman sa exam....hehehe...eh ung accenture mo musta naman haha la lng..

kalito naman kasi jan sa makati..haaayz....

sherma said...

hala! thrice pa lang akong pumupunta ng makati at hindi pa ako mag- isa nun... mukhang maliligaw din ako pag pumunta ako sa makati, a! hehehe...

utakGAGO said...

hihihi, balang araw, mararanasan ko rin yan. since Elementary - lagi na kong late no!!!!

;) so anong job naman ang kinuha mo?

[o yan ha, dumalaw ako. hehe]

Anonymous said...

Nasaan na ang referral ko?

Doubting Thomas said...

@karmi: well, thanks, pero ewan ko kung dun na nga ako if ever na matanggap ako. ang balita ko kasi sa Libis pa ang training. dang layo naman!

@irish: hindi pa ako nakakapag pasa ng ng resume dun eh. baka next month na. medyo busy narin kasi sa design project at mga org affairs.

@sherma: hindi naman ako naligaw sa makati. sa loob ng building lang ako naligaw.

@vinks: gusto ko sana talaga sa IT industry or engineering... pero since maganda naman ang swelduhan sa etel ok narin yung position na technical support. sana ma promote agad ako. hahahaha

@jhed: maghintay ka! ;))

Anonymous said...

rob! sana pinatawag mo ko diba? hijo... natawa ako sa kwento... hehe. so pumasa ka ba? di ko pa kasi nachechek yung mga pumasa sa test e.

Doubting Thomas said...

@haru: yep pumasa po...

Estupidormitorian Neil said...

COngrats, Rob. Hahaha. Late huh? And you didn't dare ask questions. That was silly.

At least, you passed. Congrats again! Hihihi!

aaronjames said...

haha. super uber nakakalito sa makati. haha. Congrats bro. haha. at least nakapasa ka kahit di mo natapos ung 3-part exam. ako, malapit na rin mag-apply. sa 4th yr ko baka sa manila na ako madestino for hospital duties. good luck sa iyo. :)

Anonymous said...

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