I heart small things

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yesterday was a complete pain in the ass. Gosh, I saw the news and even the President wasn't able to escape the baha all over Metro Manila. What I can't believe is the flood sa Makati area. I thought hindi binabaha ang Makati because its a business central. Anyways, enough of yesterday. I already had enough rants about it at my last post.

Today, is far different from yesterday (or any other day since I started working), because I'm early at work and I got a freebie from 7-11.

Hehe. Yeah, I got a free C2 Strawberry because I bought a Clubhouse sandwich. And this made my day. LOL. Hindi ko alam, pero I love receiving small things (it makes me feel special. ).

Kakatapos ko nga lang kainin yung sandwich and soymilk na I bought kanina, and I want to drink my C2 na! Hahaha. Parang first time ko palang iinom ng C2.

So there, sana magtuloy-tuloy ang ganitong mood ko this day, and I hope na walang atribidang gugulong neto.



andianka said...

the little unexpected surprises are always the best ones. mababaw din ang kaligayahan ko... :D

thanks for dropping by my blog!

Doubting Thomas said...

yeah... pero kung may magbibigay sakin ng milyon, eh i heart big things narin! hehe.

james vaughnn said...

nakakahilo yung strawberry na C2.